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South Derbyshire Homefinder

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What is choice based lettings?

Choice based lettings is a scheme that is designed to give all applicants a greater degree of choice of home.  This is because you have the ability to look for available properties and place a 'bid' for the ones of interest.  Choice based lettings is also a open and transparent approach to offering properties.

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What is a band?

When we get your housing application, or you tell of us of a change in your circumstances, we have to assess your situation against what is written in the Housing Allocation Policy.  We group different types of circumstances together based on Housing law.  This is known as a band.

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How has the Derby Homefinder service improved?

We have improved our service in many ways including:

  • A new website and 24 hour automated telephone system – both have more features and ways of giving you feedback
  • Information when you bid for a property on your position on the shortlist and, you also have the ability, if you feel that you dont have a chance of being offered the property, to move your bid to another property.
  • An on-line housing application form

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Can I enlarge the text on this website?

Yes you can, but it depends on what type of computer and internet software you are using.

Windows PC, using Internet Explorer: Either click the View menu then click Text Size, then Larger or Largest, or hold down the Ctrl key and use the scroll wheel on you mouse to enlarge or shrink the text.

Apple Mac using Safari: Click View, then Make Text Bigger


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